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Who Else Wants Handmade Children’s Clothes

The problem with many children’s clothes around today is that they just do not last. Whereas when I was a kid, my mum used to make or buy handmade children’s clothes, the philosophy among new mothers seems to have changed. Much of the market now caters for mass-produced and inexpensive clothes for children – often to the detriment of the quality unfortunately.

Manufacturers seem to think that because kids grow so fast, quality is of secondary importance. However, I must admit to still belonging to the old school of thought which meant that all clothes, children’s included, were made to last. Rather than being designed for mini-adults, as many of the kids clothes today seem to be, they were traditionally designed.

Now you see ten year olds wearing the same designs as thirty year olds! These classic clothes could be handed down to brothers and sisters without showing any signs of wear and tear – they would last for generations, despite going through the laboriously and often stringent hand washing methods before washing machines became the norm.

There is still a place for these high quality children’s clothes, despite the fact that mass production has taken over, and it is important that we support these manufacturers as often as we can to ensure that we have good and long-lasting clothes for generations to come.