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Who Wants Child Clothing Online Handmade?

Who buys child clothing online handmade? Handmade children’s clothing has been enjoying a huge increase in popularity lately. More and more people are discovering the joys of buying handmade, and their children are reaping the benefits. Although there are nearly as many reasons to buy retail off the rack as there are people who buy handmade, 7 factors that go into the decision are more universal than others.

1.People who buy handmade are looking for one-of-a-kind clothing options.

Many people who buy handmade clothing appreciate the distinctive look and feel of each piece. Off-the-rack clothing tends to feature the latest trends and styles, but old favorites can be harder to come by. When you want your child to be able to express his or her unique personality through clothing regardless of current fads, handmade clothing is usually your best option. Handmade children’s clothing can be found in all colors, styles, sizes, designs and patterns so whether your child is obsessed with fuchsia and lime or has more conservative tastes, there is something sure to meet his or her style preferences and yours.

2. People who buy handmade appreciate the personalized fit.

Although you can buy handmade clothing according to size just like off-the-rack clothes, many makers of boutique clothing also offer custom options that allow you to specify the exact waist size, length, inseam and other critical measurements to ensure the best fit possible. Many sellers will also make adjustments on standard sizes so that your child will be comfortable and well-dressed regardless of his or her personal size or shape.

3. People who buy handmade enjoy having countless options and choosing exactly what they want or need instead of simply settling for what is available.

Hand-knit cardigans, corduroy overalls with fun notions, smocked dresses and perfectly coordinated outfits can all be found. Materials and fabrics can range from durable duck and denim to cool cottons and toasty woolens. You can even find playful dungarees, trendy jumpsuits and dressy shorts next to warm corduroys and chunky knits. Patterns can include the latest styles as well as traditional and classic styles that keep your child looking and feeling great no matter what.

4. People who buy handmade value the superior quality.

When you find a clothing item that looks right, feels right and fits right, you want it to last. Unfortunately, not all clothing is made to last. A fall can lead to a torn knee, or a thread can catch on a jagged edge, ruining the entire outfit. Durable fabric choices, attention to detail and fine craftsmanship combine to create clothing that can often last through not just one child but through several children or even generations. Colours stay bright, seams stay strong and fabric retains its shape.

5. People who buy handmade enjoy having more convenient shopping options.

Not all parents or caretakers have the time to shop, and many others have children who simply do not enjoy shopping. Those who prefer to shop online appreciate the convenience of buying handmade. All their children’s clothing needs can be met with a few clicks of the mouse. Parents can even shop any time of the day or night. Shopping online is not only convenient but also frees up considerable time for other necessary tasks or simply taking an afternoon off to enjoy their kids.

6. People who buy handmade are committed to supporting local artisans.

In some cases, people prefer handmade clothing because it allows them to vote with their money. Unfortunately, sweatshops are not uncommon, and their workers have to face difficult, dangerous and even inhumane conditions. Outworkers in sweatshops often earn far less than minimum wage. Buying directly from the artisan means that you know exactly where your clothing items originated and who made them.

7. People who buy handmade prefer their purchases to be cost-effective.

Many people note that handmade children’s clothing costs more than ready-made. The price of handmade clothing items reflects the cost of the patterns, materials and notions, but it also reflects the skilled artistry that goes into each piece. The superior quality of the clothing allows you to get more out of every dollar you spend.

You may have your own reasons for considering your options for handmade children’s clothing, or you may just be curious about what else is available. Checking out all the alternatives can help you make better choices for your own child.