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Where is All the Colour in Your Child’s Wardrobe?

Have you ever browsed through the children’s section at a local department store and wondered to yourself “Where’s all the colour?” In this world of mass marketed consumer goods there is a startling lack of individuality due to the need to appeal to the broadest range of people possible. While this is perfectly understandable from the manufacturer’s point of view, it leads to a limited variety of options that could be considered conformist at best.

In response to this, many individuals are rolling up their sleeves and firing up their sewing machines. Children’s clothing handmade is currently seeing a renaissance unlike anything seen in recent history. If people can’t find what they like in the store they are making it themselves, in the colors, fabrics and size they want.

What about children’s clothing? Are parents willing to put forth the same effort for their kids? The answer is a resounding yes. While not everyone has the time to make an entire wardrobe by hand, those who enjoy it and treat it as a hobby see good results from their time invested. Most opt for a mix of store bought and handmade items.

The handmade items in a child’s wardrobe are often the most cherished and are typically in colours and styles that are unique to the individual taste of the wearer. From polka dots to picnic gingham, handmade clothes defy current store trends in favour of a personal sense of style.

Some people would rather not try their hand at fashion design itself but even that’s not stopping them from making clothing. For those individuals, patterns and online communities are a fantastic source of surefire bets. They take the guesswork out of the process, allowing a parent to simply focus on the creation of the item.