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The Difference in Children’s Clothing When it is Handmade

Scratchy name tags, irritating seams, thin and possibly cheap fabrics, mass-produced lines that look just like what every other child is wearing … those are the types of clothes your child will often get from a major department store. Handmade boutique clothing can be made to order, for your child’s comfort. Fabrics are handpicked for heft, feel, texture, and even colour. No two items will look alike, even if they are made from the same pattern or fabrics.

Handmade clothing for children items are not simply an item of clothing. They are carefully crafted artisan pieces — folk art, in fact. Handmade clothing items also have less of an impact on the environment than mass-produced clothing items; mass production is a major consumer of energy and producer of pollution. More importantly, buying handmade directly supports the creator of the item, and you create a relationship with the seamstress or tailor, rather than buying blindly from a sweatshop.

Handmade children’s clothing simply stands out from the pack of mass-produced department store brands. While other children will all be wearing the same sorts of colours and styles, your child will stand out in a unique combination of colours, fabrics, and styles. Check out the designs at the Schattebout shop.

Whether you prefer hand knit jumpers or tights, delicately embroidered sundresses, or rough and tumble overalls, there is something in handmade clothing for your child. Handmade clothing will last until your child outgrows it and can be passed on to the next. Occasionally, handmade items become heirloom pieces and can be handed down through to the next generation.

So why buy handmade over department store brands? They are more original and one-of-a-kind. They are environmentally healthy and kid-friendly. Buying handmade clothing builds relationships, rather than enriches a faceless corporation’s bank accounts. And the best reason yet? Handmade clothing is simply adorable.