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Making Handmade Kids Clothing

In today’s department stores, fashion trends trickle down to children’s clothing faster than ever. With each new season, children can be seen wearing the latest fashions to school. While children love being fashionable, it can be expensive to wear the same styles as their peers. It can also be difficult when your child refuses to wear hand-me-downs. An original and inexpensive way to outfit your child with fashionable clothing is to make it yourself!

Once you have the proper materials, it is easy to begin making handmade kids clothing. The most important things you will need are a sewing machine and a bit of patience. Visit your local fabric or craft store to buy children’s clothing patterns, fabric, and matching thread. You may also need zippers, snaps, or buttons, depending on the item you are making. Seek out the advice of a sales person if you have any questions.

The best part of making clothes designed by “Mum” is the freedom to be creative. Allow your child to pick out more daring fabric colours if they want. In recent years, bright colours and even neon hues have been all the rage with young people. You can even alter the paper patterns of children’s clothing to change a hem or sleeve length. In this way, you can save money on patterns by buying basic patterns, such as pants, a sheath dress, and a basic shirt, and then alter the patterns yourself by tracing the pattern on a new piece of paper, and then making your changes. For example, a pattern for a pair of pants can be re-traced into a pair of shorts.

As long as your child has a lot of input with the fabric, colors, and design of the clothes, they will enjoy wearing handmade clothing for years to come.