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When Can Kids Wear Handmade Clothes?

Many children decide what they want to wear at a very young age. They pick clothes out from their drawer and want to put it on, whether it matches or not. However, most kids don’t develop a sense of style or fashion until they’re pre-teens. Around then, “brand” becomes important. When that happens depends on the child, the environment and the quality of the handmade clothing.

The Environment

If you live in a small town or rural area, you can put your kids in handmade clothes throughout primary or grade school. In areas where conservative Mennonites or the Amish are common, homemade clothing is more accepted, so you might be able to make handmade clothing for longer. Either way, at a young age, kids accept one another on other things, regardless of clothing. Young kids might notice handmade clothes are different, but yours won’t be rejected for it.

In an urban area or in a city, this could be different. If many children have fashionable parents who put an emphasis on fashion, this could filter down onto their children and it could affect whether your child in his or her handmade clothes is accepted or not.

Quality of the Clothing

This is the bigger issue. If you’re an excellent seamstress, your kids might want you to make handmade clothes longer because they’re unique and they can have the things they like. Their clothes look like their friends, but it’s what they like, too. Some kids develop their own fashion that may include handmade clothes.

If you’re an average seamstress, you can still make handmade clothes through grade school. You can offer to make items for special occasions, but don’t be offended if they want the store-bought clothes. They’re not rejecting you, they just want what others have.