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Where to Go for Kids’ Clothes Online

When shopping for kids clothes online, what sites catch your attention? The ones that offer the trendy clothes that every other child in the world is wearing at a cheaper price, or sites offering something off the beaten path?

Think about whom you want your child to be as he or she grows up. Do you want a follower or a leader? Either is fine, but if you want your child to develop more of an individual style, starting him or her out with custom-designed clothing that sets them apart can help achieve that goal.

Is there a certain amount you are willing to spend on your child’s clothing as well? Buying cookie-cutter clothing may save you money but in the long run, well-sewn, hand-crafted clothing from a professional designer is always worth spending a little more on, especially when it is your child on the runway of life.

It would be nice to have time to sew all your children’s clothing yourself ensuring them a unique look, but for most busy moms, that is an unreasonable goal. As an online custom designer, we can help. We are called Schattebout, which is the Dutch word for cute. And the clothing you will find at Schattebout is not just cute, it is eye-catching unique. Please, have a look around.