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The Search for Handmade Clothes for Kids

Handmade clothes for kids have become increasingly popular over the last few years as more and more parents and grandparents are discovering the benefits of buying directly from the makers. Handmade clothing offers many benefits over ready-to-wear clothing, but few parents have the time, the inclination or the skills to make their children’s clothing themselves. Purchasing handmade clothing allows your child to wear these works of textile art without having to settle for second best. Here are our 5 top reasons to decide on handmade clothes for kids.

1. Original colour

Mass merchandisers all tend to have the same basic colors in their selections of kids’ clothing. These colours tend to either be neutral or to follow the latest trends or styles. Handmade clothing can be made in virtually any colour, pattern or design. Colours can even be mixed and matched for a one-of-a-kind look that is guaranteed to turn heads and allow your child to feel like a star. Batiks and tie-dyes can add vibrant splashes of color while embroidery and decorative notions can add visual interest and fun. Some outfits may even include bright pops of complementary colours or carefully matched muted colours.

2. Original design

Are you tired of the same old slacks, shirts and cardigans? Handmade clothing offers you something different. From twirling circle skirts and comfortable madras shorts to hand-knit scarves and delicately smocked dresses, handmade clothing for kids can feature a wide range of styles, materials and patterns for results that are truly unique. Not only can you find all the basics of children’s clothing, but you can also frequently find less common clothing items, such as handmade cloth nappies that are designed to keep your baby clean, dry and comfortable. When patterns are created directly by the clothing maker, they feature not just function and form but also vision and inspiration, and every stitch has been placed with love.

3. Use of unique fabric and material

Simple cotton prints, silky chiffons, light ginghams and airy seersuckers can all show up in handmade clothing along with voile, tweed, poplin and duck. While many ready-to-wear clothing items tend to be found in similar fabrics and materials, handmade clothing can be found in nearly as many types of fabrics as are available, including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. The maker often shops for fabrics and materials while seeking beauty, wearability, function, drape and suitability for the specific pattern that is being used. This allows for almost endless combinations of fabric, colours, designs, hefts, weights, textures and shapes that are limited only by the maker’s imagination and the types of fabrics that are available.

4. Supreme quality

Taking the time to create clothing by hand means taking the time to do the job right. Mass-produced clothing is often made in assembly line fashion, and rarely are seamstresses and tailors able to take the time necessary to ensure the highest possible quality. Makers of handmade children’s clothes make things one at a time. Great care is taken to ensure that each carefully chosen fabric is cut properly and that the colors coordinate exactly as intended, and there is great attention to detail. Seams are sewn precisely and are finished to eliminate the risk of fraying or running. Buttons, ties, rickrack and other notions are added to enhance the overall look of the garment. The clothing can even be made to precise specifications for a true fit that has literally been made for your child.

5. Cost-effective

In many cases, handmade children’s clothing is seemingly more expensive than ready-to-wear. However, the quality and durability of handmade clothing make it worth the extra cost and can even result in a more cost-effective piece. Clothing can be handed down from child to child and can even span multiple generations. Several coordinating items can be purchased from the same maker to create an entire wardrobe of individual pieces that can be mixed and matched for a variety of fun new looks.

Buying handmade allows you to find something new, different and exciting for your child. You can choose from bright, happy play clothes, intricately detailed heirloom clothing, costumes and outwear that can suit your child’s every clothing mood and need. Buying handmade can even become a lifestyle choice. By purchasing directly from the craftsperson, you can support small businesses and local economies. While you can buy handmade online or at your local market, you will always be supporting a craftsperson who combines art, skill and creativity to make something new, something unique and something truly special.