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Making Handmade Clothes for Boys

Most boys may seem content with following the most popular boy in the class and wearing whatever he wears, which is usually a simple pair of jeans with a T-shirt bearing the likenesses or logos of the “coolest” music group or sports team. Often, nothing is more embarrassing for a boy than wearing clothing which his mother makes for him.

However, a creative mother can easily design and make handmade clothes for boys that will not only make him look unique and cool, but indeed will establish him as the style leader of his class!

Remember that you are making clothes for your son, not for yourself. Therefore, ask your son what he wants as you incorporate elements of his “culture” into his handmade clothing. Even iron-on decals of rock groups can be added to a custom pullover so that it will appeal to your son, and it is not difficult at all to find patches and other fabric renditions of team and music group logos, to say nothing of design elements related to interests such as guitar or football, that can easily be sewn onto even the most elaborate custom sweater to enhance its appeal for your son as you choose either his team’s colors or his personal favorite colors to accompany those images.

A boy does want to look like his peers, but of course he must wear what his mother says he has to wear. Making your own clothing for him that appeals both to his interests and to the interests of his peers, while allowing you to express your creativity and save money at the same time, is an ideal way to turn your son into the style leader of his class!