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Get Rid of That Old Bit of Fabric

Anyone who sews frequently or who makes children’s clothes often falls prey to collections of excess bits of fabric. However, knowing projects may come up, we all hold on to these odds and ends, hoping to create the next masterpiece. The fabric, texture and size of remnant will determine the ultimate end-use; however, below follow some creative ideas to make more with less.


For larger pieces of fabric, an apron can be a fun and easy way to use up odds and ends. A pattern can easily be crafted free hand, and creativity should reign supreme. With bib and half-apron styles common in today’s kitchen, pockets are the perfect addition to this project to use up small fabric leftovers. If you are a bit short of the main fabric, consider complimenting pieces of material to create the end product. Smaller-sized children’s aprons are great way to use smaller pieces of fabric and make the perfect holiday gift.

Pot holders:

Pot holders are a great way to make use of remnants. Size and shape can vary from contoured hand shapes to basic squares. Adding fill will help enhance the desired end product.

Doll clothes:

Creating and designing doll clothes can be the perfect way to use up old pieces of fabric. Children will welcome the addition to their favourite toy’s wardrobe. Additionally, as the remnants used may have been from an outfit previously created for your child, the matching look usually thrills little children.

Travel Sew Kits:

An extremely practical use of fabric remnants is the creation of travel sew kits. Simply cut a piece of fabric to desired size, shape, line and add holders for needles, thread, buttons, travel scissors and any other small flat items and finish with a fastener. These handy kits will be a welcome addition when travelling.

All designers start with imagination and a sense of touch and feel when purchasing fabric for a project. However, with the initial project completed, imagination can wane when presented with the remnants. The above projects are a great way to use up leftovers while creating useful and desirable end-products.