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Now You Can Have Baby Clothes Online Without Leaving Your Home

Handmade boutique clothes for infants and toddlers are becoming more popular than ever. One-of-a-kind prints and designs that are fun to put on and easy to wear can make parents and babies happy. Imaginative, whimsical and vintage-style clothing can bring all the fun and innocence back to childhood without parents ever having to compromise on style. Shopping for baby clothes online can give you the opportunity to explore each of the options out there without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Virtually anything you could want is available online. When it comes to baby clothes, you will be able to check out all the options that are available through mass merchandisers as well as small boutiques where each item is a work of art. Handmade children’s clothing purchased from local or distant artisans has a distinct quality. Handmade items are unique and can be a way to ensure your child stands out from the crowd. Handmade clothes are even better able to display your child’s one-of-a-kind personality whether she is adventurous and outgoing or he is quiet and bookish.

1. Measure for size.
Babies can vary widely in size, so rather than shopping according to age, shop by the child’s measurements at Schattebout. If you are ordering a custom outfit, provide the exact measurements of the baby for whom you are shopping. Chest, inseam, weight and length may be requested, but ask which measurements are needed. If you are unsure how to measure the baby, ask the clothing maker since sizing can be critical to a proper fit. Because babies grow rapidly in their first year, ask the clothing maker to adjust for growth if possible.

2. Consider the details.
With so many options and styles, it can be hard to narrow down your choices. Gauzy tutus, big-bowed headbands, lacy dresses and delicately embroidered cardigans can all be quite tempting as spur-of-the-moment buys, but they may not be practical for babies. Fragile fabrics may be prone to ripping or tearing while beading can come off and become a choking hazard. Instead, look for clothing that combines fun with function. Corduroy and denim are sturdy materials for pants and overalls while cottons and other natural fibres are durable, breathable and comfortable.

Another easily overlooked detail is laundering. If the clothing is not wash-and-wear, it may not be appropriate for a baby, toddler or young child. Clothing that can be easily laundered, dried and worn is the best choice for young children, whose clothes tend to need frequent laundering, while clothing that is dry-clean-only or that requires other special handling may be inconvenient at best and impossible at worst.

3. Look for quality.
Price is not always the best indicator of quality. Check the site for reviews. Are they mostly negative or positive? Was the customer service everything it should be? Did the items live up to expectations? Are most of the reviewers repeat customers? You can also get a better idea of the product’s quality by looking at how it was made. Have the seams been serged? Are the buttons and other sewn-on details well secured? Is the item free of drawstrings and other potentially dangerous features?

4. Ask about policies.
Once you have found the perfect outfit or outfits, it is time to check out the seller’s details. Before clicking the “purchase” button, look for the terms of payment and shipping costs. Read the fine print on the return and refund policies just in case the transaction fails to work out the way you expected. Finally, join the retailer’s mailing list if you love your purchase: Many online stores feature discounts, coupon codes or special deals for members only.

5. Shop securely.
When it is time to complete your purchase, check that the site is secure and uses encryption. This can help reduce the risk of your credit card or debit card information falling into the wrong hands.

When the clothing arrives, check it for fit and then launder it before allowing the child to wear it. This helps remove any allergens that it may have picked up in transit.

Online shopping can be particularly enjoyable when you are shopping for baby clothes. You can explore a vast selection of clothing with fanciful details, unusual patterns, bright colours and soft-yet-durable fabrics. You will discover the pleasure of shopping online, which can open up an entirely new world of delightful possibilities and fun fashions.