My name is Marije and I live in Sydney with my partner of 14 years and our two girls aged 7 and 4. I started sewing a couple of years ago after I moved from Amsterdam to Sydney and struggled to find interesting, different clothes for my daughters. No more pink t-shirts with random prints! I know now there are plenty of beautiful children’s clothes out there but hope the pants I make might strike a cord with some people. The main focus of the website is fun pants for girls as I always found those hard to find. I might in the near future add dresses and boys clothes (although I think some of the pants featured on the website could easily be worn by boys). I have not had any formal sewing lessons but have a beautiful, creative mother who weaves and sews beautiful garments and she is the one who taught me how to sew.

In the past I have done a couple of pattern making courses but they were mainly focussed on adult clothing, for the clothes on this website I generally use a basic pattern to ensure the right sizing and adjust that to my (and hopefully your) liking. I like to use European sizing (see sizing chart) as it makes it easier to determine the right size than age alone. Simply measure your child from head to toe. I only use 100% cotton and prewash and tumble dry all fabric before I make a garment to ensure there won’t be any shrinkage or running of colours. Generally every piece is unique, very occasionally there might be 2 made out of the same fabric but never completely identical.

As my daughters grow I’ll add bigger sizes as they tend to be the ones to try out any new clothes. SCHATTEBOUT is Dutch for sweetheart, as a reference to the country I left 7 years ago to live in Australia. I’d like to think some European influences shine through in fabric choice and the relatively no frills designs.. I’ll let you be the judge!

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