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A New Trend in Modern Society

As the Do It Yourself (DIY) trend kicks in, more mothers are choosing to make clothing for their kids instead of buying it in stores. But are these clothes really fashionable? Are they original? Wouldn’t it be best to leave designing clothing to the real designers?

Advantages of Sewing For Your Kids.

Consider the amount of money you spend every year on your kids’ clothes. Jeans are $15 and up. Shirts are $15 and up. Sweaters are $30 and up. Buying a pattern for $2-15 and fabric for $2-7 per yard, you can make clothes they like, using the same patterns, mixing and matching them, repeatedly. Now consider that the clothes you’re sewing can be made so they can be let out when the child has a growth spurt. And the colors? The kids’ favorites. Tack on the style they love and it’s a winner.

Are Homemade Clothes Fashionable?

Clothes made by a child’s mother can be just as fashionable as clothes that come out of the store. The more expensive patterns are for more-modern clothing. And people who have a real eye for sewing can often walk in a store and make the same outfit at home. This sewing trend allows them to make their children look nice – without breaking the bank. And if they’re talented, the only indicator is the lack of the tag or brand.

Originality Begone?

The best part about mother’s who sew their kids clothes is, even though the patterns are the same, they can mix and match fabrics or even patterns to create all-new designs each and every time they make their child something new.

Leaving It to the Professionals.

Have you ever walked your children into a store and marched right back out again, dissatisfied not only by what you’ve seen but by the ridiculous prices on the garments? In stores, clothes are made to a specific size that doesn’t fit all body types or shapes, even on young children. Professionals may know what they’re doing, but they’re doing it the same way as mom’s at home – with an idea, a pattern and fabric.